• The organization hire mental health professionals, certified in Experimental and Applied Behavior Analysis. For more information contact or e-mail to us.

  • Seminar for the Science of Experimental and Applied Behavior Analysis – Basic Level has been complited by Dr J. Aggelakis.

  • Second and Third levels will be taught by Pr. Robert Mellon, Panteion University, Clinical Psychologist Professor in Experiemental and Aplly Behaviour Analysis, Presintal of Department of Psychology.
  • All day centers of the organization have professionals certified in the science of Experimental and Applied Behavior Analysis and does provide one to one hour sessions in all behavioral problems, despite diagnosis. Managing unaccepted social behaviors , improving socially accepted behaviors, education in all levels does refer to all people, typical or no typical infants, children, adolescent. Thus speech therapy sessions, fine motor and gross motor skill therapy sessions, no socially accepted behaviors are applied in people with autistic disorders or characterized by inappropriate social behaviors.

  • Our team of phychologists work with parents and immediate family members of autistic people, children with educational problems, children with inappropriate social behaviors in educating, consulting, supervising

  • Daily programs in our four day centers last seven hours per day Monday through Friday and are applied to people already diagnosed with autistic disorder.